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Travel has a way of getting under our skin and quickly becomes an essential part of our lives, romanced by the idea of being in a foreign land, discovering distant shores.


Ios captures your heart like few other places in the world. Away from the hustle and bustle of Santorini and neighbouring commercial islands, Ios is authentic and humble. Its unparalleled beauty attracts a unique traveller.


Something is freeing about being surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea; it fools you into thinking time comes to a standstill. Your only measure of time is the dramatic sunset sky and moonrise over the ocean. You will quickly slip into island time and sync to the rhythm of the locals, immersed in the warmth of the island culture. Opening your heart to the passion of Ios can be the start of a new story. For me, this was finding my soulmate.


Entwined in The Isle is the inspiration of the sweet stories of love that unfold on the island paradise. In this series 'Ios Lovers', we have collaborated with incredible photographers to capture the intimate moments of Ios born love stories.


The following features represent our Planning, Styling, Floristry and Lighting services by The Isle.

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Ios Love Stories Magali and Dan by The Isle

Magali Montori & Dan Callinan


These two magnetic souls were the perfect couple for the ‘Lovers’ shoot. Magali’s passionate Argentinian flair with Australian sweetheart Dan, created an intense chemistry, perfectly captured by Stefano Santucci.

Ios Love Stories Emily and Jon by The Isle

Emily Hill & Jonathon Bint


Sometimes fate leads you to the most perfect place, at the most perfect time. It was in that moment a whirlwind romance was ignited and an Ios love story began.

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