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Ios Lovers

Magali Montori & Dan Callinan 

Photography by Stefano Santucci

Ios Lovers Magali and Dan Wedding floristry by The Isle
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LOVERS, Magali Montori and Dan Callinan, are globe trotters with their own romantic Ios love story. Their connection sparked on a summer night out in Ios. Mags was out with her girlfriends, and Dan was playing darts with his friends at the local pub. The night flowed into the early hours of the morning, where the two chatted until sunrise. It is then that they knew something pretty special was developing. 

Their love took them on an adventure around the globe, and Dan travelled to meet Mags whenever he could. By the end of the European summer, they had planned a trip to Peru to conquer the Machu Picchu trek and made their way to Argentina to meet Mags’ family. Then after months of travelling, they returned to the island where it all began.


These two magnetic souls were the perfect couple for the ‘LOVERS’ shoot. Mags’ passionate Argentinian flair with Australian sweetheart Dan, created an intense chemistry which was perfectly captured by Italian photographer Stefano Santucci. 

The Isle’s inspiration for ‘LOVERS’ intimate wedding shoot was artfully curated around the picturesque window at Ios Club. The textural details of the floral installation were paired with soft, loose fabrics and layered with ornate napkins and tableware. Candles set the ambience of the space as the sun began to set and a storm loomed in the distance behind neighbouring islands. The temper of the sky created a dramatic setting for Santucci to capture. The cinematic shoot was perfectly executed as Dan and Mag’s electric chemistry amplified the aligning elements.

Ios Love Stories Magali and Dan on rooftop in Ios Greece
Table decor and floristry by The Isle
Ios Love Stories Magali and Dan bridal bouquet by The Isle

Tell us about your lifestyle together since you first met…

A constant learning and evolving adventure. Going from completely single to making two separate individual’s lives into one while traveling from place to place. Definitely a challenge but worth every second.

What is your secret to a successful relationship?


Total transparent honesty as well as investing your time in each other. Collect as many quality moments as possible.

Ios Love Stories Magali and Dan elopement in Ios by The Isle

What do you love most about each other?


We love each other in a very unconditional way. Always being open and honest with our emotions, supporting each other no matter what the situation is and embracing our mistakes to make our relationship stronger.

What’s a place that holds a special memory for you and your love story?

Definitely Ios, where we met and spent the most magical moments. Always good to go back to the island that brought us together.

Tablescape styled by The Isle
Ios Love Stories Magali and Dan wedding cake styled by The Isle
Ios Love Stories Magali and Dan sunset elopement by The Isle

Which song holds a special memory for you and your love story?

There’s so many that spark thoughts about each other!

Tell us about the Lovers shoot with The Isle…

So much fun! It was basically about being ourselves with each other and enjoying the moment.

Ios Love Stories Magali and Dan dancing on rooftop by The Isle
Ios Love Stories Magali and Dan Wedding Kiss

“Falling in love is not rational. It's madness. A beautiful, wonderful moment of magnificent insanity."


- Bitter Sweet Love
― Michael Faucet

Creative Direction / The Isle

Styling & Flowers / The Isle

Photography / Stefano Santucci

Videography / Lewis Martin

Venue / Ios Club

Stationery / Valencia

Tableware / White Lilac Rentals

Candles and fabric / The Isle

Cake / Elsie for The Isle

Hair and Makeup / Emily Hill Artistry 

Bridal gown / Natalie Rolt 

Jewellery / Theros Jewellery

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