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Ios, Greece

The perfect escape for Mediterranean weddings and elopements.

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Are you dreaming of planning a destination wedding or special event on a majestic Cycladic Island?


Discover the magic of Ios.


Cascading whitewashed villages, and vibrant sunset skies make the raw elegance of Ios the perfect setting for a romantic celebration.


Ios is easily accessible from Athens and neighbouring Cycladic Islands, yet it is quiet and unspoiled. This small island is the ideal place to relax, with warm hospitality and laidback comfort. You won't want to leave, so why not turn your wedding celebration into the holiday of a lifetime, surrounded by family and friends.


Explore Ios on foot and navigate through the quaint villages, onto secluded beaches to bask in the golden sun, or find a hidden swimming spot to spend a lazy afternoon.


Time stops as the sun dips each evening, revealing a bright orange and pink horizon. Catch the same jaw-dropping sunset in Ios as infamous Santorini minus the crowds.


When the stars come out, the restaurant scene comes alive with authentic culinary experiences for guests to indulge in fresh local produce while dining outside in the warm summer night air.

Alex has resided on Ios since 2010, and Georgie since 2014, so they know the best-kept secrets of the island. For more tips on Ios and dreamy inspiration for your upcoming celebration contact Alex and Georgie! 

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