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Creating luxury destination weddings

Alex Longden and Georgie Mioni, the Owner and Creative Directors of The Isle, have a deep passion for weddings. Weddings have always held a special place in their life for the love, purpose, and connection of this soul uniting ceremony and celebration.

Inspired by the emotional influence of one's surroundings and the power of thoughtful design to shape experiences, The Isle creates captivating events that communicate a unique and heartfelt narrative.

Based in Ios, Greece, The Isle is a bespoke wedding planning and styling studio. Specializing in curating timeless destination weddings, The Isle aims to create unforgettable experiences for couples and their guests.

Georgie Zoe Mioni and Alex Longden, an Australian couple, established The Isle in 2018 after honing their skills and expertise in the wedding industry since 2013. Their own whimsical love story drew them back to Ios, where they now reside, dividing their time between the summer wedding seasons in Greece and Australia.

The Isle proudly stands as the only dedicated wedding planning and styling business based in Ios, serving as a testament to its commitment.


Inspired by the raw beauty of the Mediterranean, The Isle captures the essence of your love story and incorporates meaningful elements into the design of authentic events. Georgie and Alex will devote their time to understanding your vision and passionately bringing together each detail to deliver a memorable event for you and your loved ones.



Wildly romantic floral styling

The Isle takes pride in having the first event florist exclusively based on Ios, offering unique floral designs for your special day.


Georgie, our head florist, has over 10 years of experience in the industry and has also made Ios Island her home for the past 7 summer seasons.

Having started as a Saturday girl in a florist when she was 16, Georgie has the expertise and creative mindset to bring your wedding floral visions to life. With a keen eye for style, intuitive design process, and a passion for creating beauty, her style is abundant, generous, and wildly romantic.

"I absolutely love diving into the intricate details that make wedding flower designs come alive. It's truly incredible to uncover the boundless variety and delicate nuances that can be beautifully displayed in countless ways."

Weddings have become a significant focus of Georgie's work, and she has always dreamed of creating wedding flowers on the beautiful island of Ios since her first visit.

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